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Nai Harn Beach


The 3rd best beach in Asia…

Nai Harn Beach is ranked as the 3rd best beach in Asia according to and for good reason! You will notice the beautiful soft sand around your toes as soon as you step foot on this beach which to access, you have to drive 1 km along a very scenic lake that is surrounded by palms and mountains. The beach is usually manned by a team of lifeguards and has a few vendors along the stretch selling ice cold refreshments, my personal favorite being fresh coconuts which are perfect for a hot day.

Nai Harn Beach from Our Aerial Drone

Nai Harn Beach from Our Aerial Drone

Approximately 30 meters before you step onto the baby talc soft sands, you will see a strip of restaurants offering Thai Food, specializing in fresh seafood as well as a few massage vendors. On the far end, the right side if you’re looking towards the ocean there are also 2 hotels (some info on these hotels). A little known fact to the majority of tourists is that the Royal Yacht club actually has a road leading through 2 a number of sights, maybe more worthy of a visit than Nai Harn Beach itself!  For more information on this checkout our page on Ao Sane Beach.

Even further back than the restaurants, just before we enter the beach area we can refer back to Nai Harn Lake. It’s 2.2km around and a beautiful location which is very popular with joggers. In the center you will find a kids play park and occasionally if their ever repaired you can hire peddle boats for a romantic float on the lake. There is also a vendor location at the tip of the lake that leads into Nai Harn Beach. Here you can buy fresh fruit, bbq chicken and baked potatoes! All very reasonably priced, as evident by the many Thai locals you will also see buying here.

Things to Do Nai Harn Beach

1) Our most highly recommended thing to do on Nai Harn Beach is the “Clean The Beach Bootcamp”. I know you’re probably thinking you don’t want to clean a beach on your holiday… but just checkout one of the videos showing how much fun these guys have on their camps! The do a fitness bootcamp first, followed by Yoga, then they all pick up some trash using provided sanitary equipment. Then they go eat food, normally provided by sponsors for free and just generally make some great new friends for their holiday! Just checkout the video and see why we rate this as the coolest thing to do on Nai Harn Beach!

2) Surfing! As can be seen in this photo, during low season the waves get fairly big at Nai Harn Beach. The surfing season goes from June till October and it’s a perfect place for beginners as the waves are not to big and there are generally other surfers and lifeguards in the area in case you get in trouble. You do have to watch out for rip tides on Nai Harn, they will generally put up a warning flag if there is one. Here’s a guide on how to escape a rip tide! It’s worth 5 minutes of your time.

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach During Low Season, it’s perfect for surfing!

3) Lay back, relax and enjoy the sun… maybe take the occasional cooling dip in the ocean which is pretty much the perfect temperature, not too warm or cold. This is the main reason Nai Harn Beach has been voted the 3rd best beach in the whole of Asia! Many thanks to Krix Luther from Clean The Beach Boot Camp for helping keep it clean and showing the government the importance of investing more time and care into one of its national treasures.